EmSpace Dance and detour dance (Dec. 4-13 at NOHspace)
$15 early bird tickets available through 11/11

Show EmSpace Dance some love

EmSpace Dance is in the process of creating a new dance theater piece about PRIMATES and PRAYER. We need your support to bring it to life!

All donations will be met with gratitude and an acknowledgment in the program and on our website. If you make a donation over $150, you'll get 2 complimentary tickets with reserved seating to the show in September 2013. (Please include your email address with your donation so we can be in touch to set up your reservation.)

How your donation can help

  • $20 pays for a little over an hour of studio space.
  • $45 pays for studio space rental for one full rehearsal
  • $70 pays for 1/10 of one performer's stipend
  • $100 pays for one costume
  • $500 pays for materials for our set and props
  • $733 pays for theater rental for one performance

How to donate

The tax-deductible way:

Click here to donate through our fiscal sponsor, Dancers' Group
be sure to select "emspace dance (Erin Mei-Ling Stuart)" as the recipient.

The paypal way:

If you don't need a tax deduction, send the money directly to us through paypal!

The old-fashioned way:

Write a check to:
Send it to:
EmSpace Dance
2360 Mission St #28
San Francisco, CA 94110